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About this journal

The journal “Cybernetic Management and Information Technologies” was founded in 2012 (the registration license №20327-10127 Р of 12.08.2013) as a scientific publication aimed at presentation of results of scientific researches related to problems of the economic cybernetics, the management, the national and regional economy, and the informational technologies.

Sections of the journal:

1. Information systems

• Information and analytical systems in different industries of the economy.

• Management decision-making support systems.

• Intellectual information technologies in the economy.

• Application of BPM (Business Process Management) platforms in modeling of complex economic systems.

• Systems of electronic commerce.

• Information systems of the agricultural industry.

2. Economic cybernetics. Modeling of complex economic systems

• Models of adaptive and viable economic systems.

• Modeling of economic risk and decision-making in terms of uncertainty.

• Modeling of nonlinear economic dynamics, the chaos, and catastrophes.

• Econometric models and methods of prognostication.

• Applied problems of mathematical modeling.

• Imitational modeling of economic systems: theory and practice.

• Modeling of electronic commerce systems.

• Modeling of information support systems in the agricultural industry.

3. Information and legal aspects of regional development

• Modeling of social and economic development of a region.

• Contemporary tendencies of information technology implementation in a regional economy.

• Prognosis of development of regional markets.

4. Development of electronic commerce

• Modeling of the information environment of electronic business.

• Customer-oriented systems of electronic commerce.

• Methodical aspects of preparation of electronic commerce professionals.

5. Problems of preparation of economic cybernetics professionals

• Distance studying development.

• Contemporary education technologies.

• A concept of economic and mathematical education of economists.

• A concept of teaching of information technology usage for economists.

6. Innovative technologies in agricultural education

7. Regulatory and legislative aspects of information support of the agricultural industry.

8. The agricultural industry. Accounting. Control. Analysis

9. Innovative and financial management

Themes of articles may be extended at the instigation of an author.

The founders plan the journal to be registered in science citation databases and by the SAC of Ukraine.

The journal is published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, German, French.

Manuscripts submitted to be published in the journal are reviewed by the members of the advisory board.

The journal is available in hard and soft copy versions.

Presented in the articles opinions and proposals are not obligatory consistent with an opinion of the advisory board. Responsibility for reliability of information, accuracy of titles, names, and quotations presented in the articles is assumed by authors.

The editorial staff reserves the right for insufficient literature editing of texts and for, keeping an author’s style.

Submitted manuscripts are not returned and must not be published in other scientific journals.

In the case of plagiarism revealing, responsibility is taken by an author of a submitted manuscript.